Me and My Budd - Douglas Cordeaux

Douglas Cordeaux in Blue suit

Douglas Cordeaux in Blue Suit

Douglas Cordeaux, owner and Managing Director of the legendary British mill, Fox Brothers in Somerset. An authority on menswear, he regularly tops the best dressed lists when it comes to elegant, sartorial style. A veteran of the industry, when not stuck in lockdown, he regularly travels the globe, working from some of the world’s most revered tailors and men’s stores as he extols the many virtues of his wonderful Fox flannels.

Budd has stocked flannel gowns cut from Fox Bros. cloth for over a decade and they are consistently one of our most popular and enduring winter pieces.

Douglas Cordeaux in Grey Suit

One of the things we love most about Douglas, is his propensity for visiting our Piccadilly shop on a Friday afternoon, like a child visiting a toy shop with pocket money fresh in hand! Always beautifully turned out and a fantastic ambassador for the company, we wouldn’t mind if he spent some time standing in the window too, the perfect ad. Douglas’s long association with Budd and his knowledge of menswear could give our very own Andrew Rowley a run for his money, so it felt only opportune to ask him to tell us about what the company means to him:

“One of the enjoyable parts of my job is meeting like-minded people, who make great things. Budd is a prime example of this.

I have shopped at Budd for 11 years, first dipping my foot in the water with a few beautiful Madder Ties. These were purchased under the guidance of Mr. Andrew Rowley. I feel I am now a fully paid up member of one of the best unofficial clubs in the UK, "Budd Piccadilly" I am honoured to have had my bespoke shirts cut by Legendary Head Cutter, Mr. Butcher and latterly, Darren Tiernan. I tend to have suits and jackets made all around the world, however when it comes to shirts, it is always Budd.

Douglas Cordeaux in Grey Suit

I often find myself in London just about to attend a function, when I realise that I have forgotten something quite key to my outfit. Usually, it is straight into Budd, problem solved. If I've been invited to a White Tie do or an event where I've been required to wear Morning attire, where all the kit is required, I have often deferred to Budd to be suitably advised and supplied, whether it be waistcoat slips or a new stiff collar.

A trip to the shop can be very interesting. I love to dwell a little and see who comes in. I like to see them as fellow Budd ambassadors or club members.

Over the years Budd has become a more rounded supplier of fine menswear, all curated with an expert eye. If there is a bucket list for sartorial achievements, then a Budd bespoke shirt should sit pretty near the top.

Thank you for this virtual shopping trip, it's like being in the World's Best Sweet Shop, no sugar just quality without compromise.” Douglas Cordeaux

Shop Douglas' top Budd picks here.

Budd Nightwear


I think Budd does nightwear really well, probably because the team has a genuine understanding, not only of the gentlemen that frequent this in the know club, but of cloth, which is rare and something to be applauded. You know that a keen eye has selected the cloth that goes into making the Nightwear I've selected. You're in safe hands at Budd.

Exclusive Budd Stripe Pyjamas in Navy

Exclusive Budd Stripe Pajamas in Navy

You had me at exclusive and the iconic house stripe!

Herringbone Fox Flannel Dressing Gown in Navy

Fox Brothers Dressing Gown

My dressing gown of choice has to be a Budd and Fox Brothers West of England Classic grey gown. We have supplied Budd with our flannels for over a decade now and I still love seeing the gowns hanging in the shop when I visit. They are quite simply a must have and will also allow you to say goodbye to central heating bills.

Budd Suspenders


I would wear all of the weekend items below with moss green or chocolate brown cords or a good pair of Japanese selvedge denim.

Plain Wool Crew Neck Jumper in Dark Navy

Crew Neck in Navy Wool

A great classic, This crew neck is super easy to wear and allows your shirt just to pop over the rib collar of the sweater.

Slim Fit Plain Brushed Cotton Button Cuff Shirt in Khaki

Slim Fit Brushed Cotton in Khaki

This just shouts Autumn and feels good to wear.

Tailored Fit Plain Denim Button Cuff Shirt in Blue

Tailored Plain Denim Cuff Shirt

Timeless and adds a more casual element to your shirting collection.

Tailored Fit Plain Fine Corduroy Button Cuff Shirt in Brown

Tailored Fit Corduroy Shirt in Brown

I love this colour, again, an Autumn Classic.

Plain Ripple Cashmere Scarf in Flannel Grey

Plain Ripple Cashmere Scarf in Flannel Grey

This adds softness to a winter wardrobe. It is essential to offer some neutrals and accessories are a good route for this. I like the way you can shop at Budd and come out with a complete look, knowing that a discerning eye has curated the collection, you don't need a blogger to tell you what to buy, it's all good.

Argyle Wool Long Socks in Navy and Blue

Argyle Socks in Navy and Blue and Moss Green

Six pairs of each please! I love an Argyle Sock on the weekend, they pair wonderfully with Paraboot’s Chambord model.

Plain Deer-skin Gloves in Brown

Plain Deer Skin Gloves in Brown

These are going to look wonderful with time, gathering a Patina that only quality leather can provide, just don't lose them.

Canvas Holdall

The Tusting Medium Explorer in Safari

I tend to be travelling at the weekends more and in the UK. This would be a trusty companion for those jaunts up to Scotland or down to Somerset, again, you can just tell this piece will wear well.

Budd Socks


Now, when it comes to shirts and business attire, Budd has long been my go to shirtmaker, both for bespoke and ready to wear.

Plain Boxcloth Braces in Purple

Purple Box Cloth Braces

I have always loved braces and find they give you a chance to add a bit of hidden colour under a suit. These ones look brilliant with a flannel suit and I love the flash of purple one gets when opening the jacket.

Classic Fit Plain Soyella Double Cuff Shirt in White

Classic Fit Swiss Soyella White Shirt

You need at least a couple of these. White shirts are essential for any wardrobe, perfect for when you can't decide on a colour, white always works.

Classic Fit Neat Stripe Poplin Double Cuff Shirt in Navy

Classic Fit Neat Stripe Double Cuff in Navy

I love the texture of this shirt and it can be worn perfectly with my all time favourite cloth, Glen Check. I can regularly be seen in one of my Fox Glen Checks, cut by Brian Smith, our bespoke cutter.

Classic Fit Plain Poplin Double Cuff Shirt in Sky Blue

Classic Fit in Sky Blue Double Cuff

During the week, my shirts, be they ready to wear or Bespoke will always be with a double cuff as cufflinks are an essential accessory for me. I wear my Fox Mask cufflinks nearly every day, as a reminder of where I work.

Classic Fit Plain Soyella Double Cuff Shirt in Cornflower

Classic Fit Soyella in Cornflower Blue

Oh how I love this colour! It is a great alternative to white and is perfect under a navy blazer.

Budd Ties


My first purchase from Budd was an ancient Madder tie. The piece was explained beautifully by Mr Rowley and I was instantly hooked!

My collection of ties, even by my own standards is ridiculous! They are mainly, all printed, I think it's the textile designer in me. Ties express mood and can instantly change and update a wardrobe. They are small pieces of art. My first job was as a textile screen printer, so I know the work that goes into the silk, even before it is made. The best silks are produced in Macclesfield or Como and Budd sources from both.

Coffer Madder Silk Tie in Green

Coffer Madder in Green

I really like green at the moment and this is a great piece.

Damask Madder Silk Tie in Brown

Damask Madder Silk in Brown

The perfect tie for pairing with grey flannel. Oh, did I mention I work at Fox?

Neat Flower Madder Silk Tie in Green

Neat Flower Madder in Green

This feels like it has texture, so can be worn in much the same way as a plain tie in my opinion.

Large Pine Madder Silk Tie in Navy

Pine Madder in Navy

I know I would wear this Tie, literally, all of the time.

Budd Wool Ties

Wool Ties

I like a wool tie for more dressed-down occasions, but where I think wearing a tie is still appropriate.

Plain Wool Knitted Tie in Brown

Plain Wool Knitted Tie in Brown

Think Bruce Boyer and definitely team with grey flannel (preferably Fox)

Plain Wool Knitted Tie in Blue

Plain Wool Knitted Tie in Blue

Great with a chambray shirt, I never tire of these.

Stripe Irish Poplin Tie in Burgundy, Navy and White

One Rep Stripe, Irish Poplin Tie in Burgundy Navy and White

This tie will go with so many outfits and is very formal. A really good, strong stripe.

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