Our People

The Shop Team

With a shop as compact as ours, ensuring that we have the right team is paramount. Camaraderie and an intricate knowledge of the stock in our veritable tardis are pivotal to our providing the best service and experience possible.

Kieran Wright

Budd’s Head of Retail, Kieran Wright, passion for menswear developed whilst studying at university in Edinburgh. With a focus on country clothing and tailoring, these formative years served as an excellent foundation with which to grow and develop his sartorial and menswear knowledge. He then moved into multi-brand menswear, excelling in the fields of visual merchandising, custom tailoring and luxury retail, however, it is customer experience and product integrity that most drives him today.

Andrew Rowley

Andrew Rowley has been a familiar face at Budd for a very long time indeed. When it comes to men's shirts, dress codes and accessories, there is little he does not know. A gold mine of sayings, he regularly brings a smile to customer’s faces with quips such as “cut for men, not boys” when describing our nightshirts and enquiring whether a pocket square is “for show or for blow.” Decades of Budd service (he joined in the early 1980s) have given him an expert eye for Madder silks and so much more. He is a veritable oracle...and part of the furniture.

Jacqueline Wakefield

Jacqueline Wakefield joined the Budd team in 2017. When her CV arrived on our doorstep, it was hard to resist her enthusiasm and understanding of all things Budd and her warmth towards the company’s quirks and heritage. Jacqueline has a long standing passion for traditional menswear and trained in Fashion Design at London College of Fashion. She is a qualified and experienced seamstress and finisher and has worked extensively on Savile Row. A big fan of our ladies pyjamas, Jacqui can often be seen wearing a pair whilst on the shop floor.

The Cutting Room Team

Our bespoke team comprises of three wonderful gentlemen, all of whom followed traditional routes into their shirt cutting roles and all of whom share a love for what they do and the idiosyncrasies that come with it!

Darren Tiernan

Senior Cutter, Darren Tiernan's infectious, baritone laugh and convivial manner echoes through Budd's three floors at regular intervals. 2017 saw him celebrate thirty years as a cutter, and the release of an exclusive, anniversary cloth in his honour. Darren followed a traditional shirt making apprenticeship into the trade, starting out at Bowring & Arundel in Savile Row before progressing on to New & Lingwood, Dege & Skinner and briefly Davies & Sons. He had long admired the work and authenticity of Budd’s bespoke offering and didn’t hesitate for one second when invited to join the team back in 2011.

John Butcher

Head Cutter, Mr John Butcher is perhaps the most revered bespoke shirt cutter in the trade, and the humblest to boot. A stalwart of Budd’s cutting room for more than half a century, he began his career as an apprentice at Edoardo & Butler at aged 16. Mr Butcher has cut shirts for a galaxy of individuals and has an unparalleled knowledge of cut, construction and cloth. His dominance of the cutting room is displayed not only in the calibre of the shirts he cuts, but by the dent in the floor, where he has stood at his board overlooking the Arcade since his very first days with the company.

James Macauslan

James Macauslan was employed as Budd's first apprentice in over sixty years after Mr Butcher spotted his potential during a stint of work experience. Under the guidance of both John and Darren, he thrived, to become an established shirt cutter in his own right. James has a strong respect for the discipline and tradition of bespoke, blending it seamlessly with a forward-thinking approach that embraces his love for fashion and individuality. James closely follows his customers' shirting needs, but may suggest a twist or subtle note of difference, a detail often seen in his own sartorial turnout.

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