Cotton and Cashmere Pyjamas, Wool Socks and Silk Cravat

Budd gets Hygge

Stay at home. Stay safe. Stay Stylish. Lockdown restrictions and the darker, cooler days of Winter mean we are staying at home more than ever and yearning for a good helping of Hygge in our daily lives. From cashmere knits through to silk pyjamas, brushed cotton shirts and cashmere and wool gowns, Budd has you covered for life indoors and beyond.

Cashmere Jumper

Cashmere Comfort

Cashmere is known as the Fibre of Kings, and one feel of our cashmere sweaters tells you immediately why. Superbly warm and luxuriously soft, the yarn comes from the downy underbelly of mountain goats in Mongolia and China and is sourced from Loro Piana. Each sweater is knitted in the Scottish Lowlands where soft waters and the expertise of multi-generational knitters combine to make your new favourite sweater.

Budd Scarves


Our Winter scarves are about luxury and indulgence.

Budd Madder Silk Dressing Gown


Not just for sleeping in, cosy loungewear whether for R&R or WFH.

Wool Scarf and Socks, Boxcloth Braces and Suede Gloves


Look after the details and stay warm with our Winter Accessories.

Cashmere and Cotton Shirt, Cashmere Sweater and Wool Scarf and Socks

Winter Shirts

Budd doesn’t just excel in work shirts. Our casual shirts in cotton-cashmere, brushed cotton or peached twill are made at our Andover workshop to the same uncompromising standards and are perfect for today’s dressed-down life. They soften beautifully too – like a grown up security blanket!

Bailey x Budd

Bailey x Budd

The perfect man’s shirt as worn by a woman epitomises nonchalant, timeless chic. If you are looking for the perfect man’s shirt where would you go other than Budd, the 100-year-old Mayfair shirtmaker, famed for its bespoke expertise? Laura Bailey and Cathy Kasterine have blended their fashion creativity and vision with our expert craftsmanship and prowess to create Bailey x Budd, a highly considered capsule collection of women’s shirts, nightwear and accessories.

Black and White Spot Silk Women's Pyjamas

Women’s Pyjamas

A bestseller since they were introduced four years ago, our women’s pyjamas echo our classic men’s pjs. but offer up a more feminine neckline and trimmer trouser. Made exclusively for Budd, choose between the warmth and comfort of cotton-cashmere or the seduction of washed silk. Wear at home or wear when out.

The making of a Budd shirt

What makes a Budd shirt?

We make beautiful shirts at Budd. They are the cornerstone of what we do and a great source of pride. Whilst so much changes around us, a Budd shirt remains a constant. Very little has changed in the way we make our shirts over the past 110 years.

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Budd Piccadilly Store

Lockdown 3.0

Our Piccadilly shop is currently closed due to the ongoing pandemic and Government shut down.

We continue to take orders online and over the phone. Due to reduced staff levels and ensuring optimum health and safety, delivery times may be a little longer.

Stay safe. Stay well. We wish you all good health.

Budd Shirt Cutter Darren Tiernan

Cutting and Making Shirts Since 1910

Bespoke shirtmaking lies at the heart of what we do and is where the Budd story began. Today, we continue to cut beautiful shirts for the individual from our onsite cutting room above our Piccadilly shop. Our three cutters have almost one hundred years of collective experience. They work closely with their colleagues at our Andover workshop, a wonderful team that sews together each of our shirts. Our team is loyal and longstanding, ensuring quality and continuity prevails.

The Good Times Aren't Gone Forever!

Linen Shirts

Linen Shirts

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