Kirby Allison x Budd

December 2023 sees us launch our first collaboration with menswear influencer, enthusiast and authority, Kirby Allison. Beyond the many labels that can be attributed to Kirby and his profile, perhaps the truest of all when it comes to Budd and his keen relationship with us over the years is "friend." Kirby has long championed our brand, recognising our skills, quality, and heritage, aligning perfectly with values that Kirby himself holds so dear. 

We have long spent hours following Kirby's tips, reviews and musings on his You Tube Channel, recognising his growing knowledge and appreciation of what makes a product really great over the years, and the close relationship and understanding he has with his audiences. The chance to sit down and enjoy a cigar with him when in London or the States cannot be passed up.

Kirby dresses well and has an extensive knowledge of dress code and etiquette. He is always impeccably turned out, whether at home or at play. With this in mind, it felt only right for us to create two perfect evening shirts, dedicated to Kirby and his following. For those who prefer a great night in, instead, we have also crafted some limited-edition Budd stripe pyjamas too, cut to our tailored fit, but tweaked to Kirby's specifications.

The Kirby Allison x Budd Tailored Fit 1/4" Pleat Dress Shirt

Available in a choice of luxurious English spun silk in cream, or a crisp white poplin, this Tailored Fit dress shirt has two darts on the back for extra shape and features a soft collar, and delicate hand-pleats, meticulously worked and sewn 1/4" apart. The labour-intensive and highly skilled nature of these shirts, mean that they are normally only available to bespoke customers and have not been offered in Budd's ready to wear collection for over fifty years. The shirts feature 3 x 3/8* stud holes so as to be worn with your favourite dress studs. Each shirt really is a true work of art.

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The Kirby Allison x Budd House Stripe Pyjamas

Budd's exclusive house stripe in a navy edition. Cut to the company's recently introduced Tailored Fit Cut, these pyjamas feature a few special Kirby additions. The shirt has two extra lower pockets and trousers are finished with a comfortable covered elastic waistband and button fastening for a secure fit, whilst featuring Budd's signature belt-tie fastening. Side pockets are a nice, extra touch.

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