“These are shirts for today’s iconic women. Pioneers in sports, fashion, technology, film, finance or the courts of the land - modern Dames. Less Dame Edna, more Dame Kiri. Less Widow Twanky and more Jo da Silva or Pat McGrath.” Alison Lloyd, Creative Director.

Budd’s new collection of women’s shirts are strict and to the point and don’t stray far from the rules applied to our iconic men’s shirts. Crisp Swiss cottons and luscious silks are meticulously cut, sewn and finished. They are fuss free and refrain from pointless embellishment. Our shirts represent confidence, can be worn formally or informally and are perfect for a return to the office too.


Buddette is the cornerstone of our women’s shirt collection. Tailored in fit, it takes its cues from Budd’s classic men’s shirts. Our white edition is cut from superior cotton poplin, has optional collar stiffeners, and is available in a choice of standard button or double cuffs for embellishing with links.
A great workwear or after hours' choice, Buddette is also offered in a choice of claret or inky blue silk satin. These silks look strong throughout the day, but are amazing by candlelight at night.

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Our grandad shirts bear no reflection of their wearer. The neat collar stand and shirt-tailed hem allow for looking prim when fully buttoned up and instantly tomboyish and relaxed when worn open at the neck.
Available in sugar pink and scout green Swiss poplin or more classic sky blue and perfect white pinpoint cottons. Grandad is an instant favourite with a contemporary twist.

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Our Lido shirts have a boxier shape, hip length, straight hem and soft collar. Wear them at weekends or dress them up for plenty of polish.
Black or cream spun silk provide a little elevation, whilst cotton-cashmere blend brings luxury and cosiness. These shirts look great over a shirt or roll neck too; less Miss Marple, more Kristin Scott Thomas.