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We take all our shirt measurements in inches, not centimetres.

There are multiple ways of taking your measurements to achieve the perfect shirt – measuring yourself, having someone measure you or very simply, if you have a shirt you already love, taking the measures from that shirt.

Measuring Yourself For A Shirt

1. Collar Size

Pass the tape around your neck, inserting a finger inside to ensure comfort. If you are already wearing a shirt, using where the neckband sits can prove a helpful guide.

2. Chest Size

To measure your chest size, pass the measuring tape around your chest under the arms, ensuring that it is sitting straight and level across the back. Again, insert a finger to ensure comfort on the final measure.

Top Tip - Sleeve Length

This is tricky to do yourself, so you may wish to ask assistance from someone else or establish from an existing shirt that works for you. Where your sleeve sits is a personal choice, however, it should normally sit an inch below your wrist knuckle, or at the break point between your wrist and hand.

3. Measuring Sleeve Length on the Body

Measuring sleeve length on the body – place your tape measure just below the collar at the centre point of the yoke (the band of cloth that goes across the back of the shirt at the top). Follow the shoulder seam and down the sleeve until you reach the appropriate final length.

4. Measuring the Waist

Place your tape measure around your waist, at its most natural point. This should sit at five buttons down from and including the collar when wearing a shirt. Insert a finger under the tape when measuring to ensure comfort an ease in the final measure.

Measure your Existing Shirt

  • To measure your collar size, open the shirt fully and lay it flat. Working with the inside of the collar, measure from the button stitch to the centre of the buttonhole on the opposite end of the collar band.

  • Button the shirt back up to progress on to the chest measurement. Chest size is measured armpit to armpit, where the shirt sleeves meet the body of the shirt. Once you have this measurement, double it.

  • The waist measurement is useful when establishing the shirt fit that will work best for you. To take the shirt measurement, count down 5 buttons from the top of the shirt, starting at the collar button. Measure across the shirt at this point and again, double it.

  • Sleeve length is measured from the centre back to the bottom of the sleeve. Simply begin at the centre point of the yoke (there is usually a seam) that sits just below the collar on the rear of the shirt. Follow the tape across the shoulder seam and down the length of the shirt to the bottom of the cuff.