Made to Measure Cuffs

Made to Measure Cuffs

Button cuff or double cuff, choose the cuff that's right for you.

Double cuffs still remain the most elegant of all cuffs, and are suited to formal and business attire. They also provide opportunity to add an accent of expression to your outfit via cufflinks. Recent years have seen a rise in popularity of button or single cuff shirts. This is thanks largely to their increased acceptance into the work wardrobe as well as their conveninence and comfortablefor casual dress too.

Square Double Cuff

A classic, formal cuff, best worn with a suit. Add some personality with your choice of cufflinks.

Round Double Cuff

An elegant and refined, formal cuff option that requires a cuff link. Best reserved for formal dressing.

Cocktail Cuff

Associated with James Bond and also known as the Portofino cuff, the cocktail cuff is fairly formal, despite its' buttons and has increased in popularity in recent years.

One Button Cuff

A classic, rounded barrel cuff with a single button, perfect for smart and casual wear.

Two Button Cuff

A classic barrel cuff with a rounded edge and two buttons. Excellent for both casual and smart wear. The two buttons have it veering towards the latter.

Three Button Cuff

A fancy, squared barrel cuff that is more for show than function or convenience.

White Cuff

Pair with a white collar to add contrast to your shirt. No longer relegated to the City Boy days of the 80s, a white cuff has vintage overtones, a touch of refinement and a good dose of freshness.

Gauntlet Button

The gauntlet button is the small button that sits above your cuff, fastening the gap that is formed by the gauntlet. To some it is more aesthetic than essential. The gauntlet itself makes putting your shirt on easier and also facilitates the comfortable rolling up of your sleeves. 

Cuffs - Some Facts

Cuffs have always served to anchor the sleeve. Traditionally, they would fasten with ribbon, replaced by traditional links as time went on. These were double cuffs, and the term still applies today, with double cuffs sometimes referred to as French cuffs instead.

Showing a little cuff under a jacket or sweater always looks elegant. Typically, a ¼” or ½” flash of cuff is best.