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Andrew Rowley is our shop manager (pictured above). He has spent his entire professional career working within the shirt industry and over thirty years at Budd.  Andrew has a wealth of information and knowledge on shirts and formal wear and is able to advise on appropriate attire for all occasions.  Andrew has selected some fantastic shirts and accessories over the years and is responsible for ensuring that the shop and the web site carries the wonderful array of specialised products that makes us so unique.  Andrew is assisted in the shop by Christopher Mundy.

Our cutting room is led by Head Cutter, John Butcher. John has worked as a cutter for Budd for over 45 years and is regarded by both customers and fellow shirtmakers alike as one of the finest cutters in the trade. John is joined in the cutting room by cutters Darren Tiernan and James Macauslan who together have over 70 years cutting experience. Our cutters work in the cutting room above the shop, ensuring that they are on hand to measure and fit bespoke customers and take them through their styling and cloth options.



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