The Art of Winter Dressing

Cashmere shirt, jumper and scarf

Winter Dressing is about combining comfort, warmth and style. Blend soft, reassuring textiles with muted tones and be brave by mixing patterns for textured town or country looks. In this blog post we have put together some top tips to help you dress your best this Winter.

Cashmere Shirt, Scarf and Jumper

The Base - Sharp dressers source socks to match the cloth of their trousers. If the exact shade cannot be found, go darker in the same colour. When wearing corduroy or moleskin opt for cashmere and silk in say red or navy, and with lovat shades in wool and tweed, long socks in racing green are the perfect choice.

Budd Socks

The Shirt - When choosing your shirt, elect for a wintry cloth such as cotton and cashmere - a more refined choice than the old, scratchier wool blends due to the softness of cashmere; yet strengthened by a healthy balance of brushed cotton.

Cashmere Shirts

The Braces - Boxcloth braces are a good choice as they add warmth and comfort to any outfit, they are in fact the original cloth for braces. If boxcloth isn't your cup of tea perhaps a pair of luxurious cashmere braces, made from the finest hand-combed underbelly fibres from Inner Mongolian got herds.

Boxcloth Braces

The Tie - Wool ties are perfect for completing a cosy, winter look - mimicking the texture of sports jackets and winter woollens. Madder can also be considered to elegantly compliment tweeds; the vegetable dye creating a similar effect. For an interesting alternative, try our silk knit ties or a paisley foulards.

Budd Madder Silk Ties

The Scarf - Classic cashmere, plain or checked, and our Madder scarves compliment tweeds, breathe colour into Loden and help to enliven the subtlety of an overcoat. A great way to really awaken an outfit; drawing attention, for the right reasons, to the wearer.

Madder Silk Scarf

The Pocket Square - A madder square or pocket squares in red or brown tones are perfect wintry accompaniments. Perhaps take advantage of the pocket square as an opportunity to be playful and add colour to your outfit. You can be as safe or as daring as you like with a variety of shades and patterns available.

Madder Silk Pocket Squares

The Gloves - Warm, durable and lusciously soft in either unlined finest Peccary or cashmere lined Carpincho, stylishly finish your outfit and battle wintry weather simultaneously.

Leather gloves

The Dressing Gown - Dressing for Winter need not be constrained to outerwear. Winter is a perfect time to bumble about in comfortable luxury; at breakfast, in the evening and at weekends. For the ultimate luxury, indulge in our cashmere and wool gowns.

Budd Silk Dressing Gowns

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