Wimbledon - The Do's and Don’ts

Wimbledon - The Do's and Don’ts


The end of June marks the start of The Championships, at the world famous All England Club in Wimbledon. The South West London tennis club is the home of the sport and is thankfully, very proud of its heritage and roots. This is a tournament where decorum, both in terms of both dress and behaviour is held in the highest regard, without of course quashing the fun. We are rather glad that players are required to conform to simple whites and relish the poise and elegance that is carried through the club. Linesmen and Umpires scrub up beautifully, the Gatsby-esque elegance introduced by Ralph Lauren a few years back, a good sartorial benchmark.

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There are plenty of dos and don’ts associated with Wimbledon, below are a few of our favourites:


  • Wear a Panama hat. It can get very warm and bright sat by the court and you will welcome the shade that a hat provides, not to mention the style it brings with it.
  • Bring an umbrella. This is England. You might not be lucky enough to be sat on Centre Court. Our Maglia umbrellas are a treat to use.


  • Channel a little Fred Perry (the player) or Von Gramm and embrace some elegance at the court.
  • Bring a tie and light weight, but smart blazer. You never know if you might make it into the member’s enclosure.


  • Wear a shirt with a button cuff. This will allow you to roll the sleeves up should things get a little warm, but be sufficiently smart should occasion dictate.
  • Carry a pocket square. It will elevate your look and shows some thought. We have already touched on the heat when it comes to wearing a hat, your pocket square will prove practical too.

Pocket Squares

  • Indulge in some Pimm’s and Strawberries. Wimbledon sums up the English summer, although you might need a second mortgage to cover the costs. On the upside, hats off to the All England Club for its policy of allowing you to bring along your own food and drink!
  • Put your mobile on silent! You don’t want to be THAT person.

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  • Don’t wear anything garish or with a slogan (at anytime!)
  • Don’t opt for anything novelty. This is The All England Club and the BBC cameras are trained on everyone!
  • Drink too much Pimm’s or Champagne so as to have to keep hopping up. You can only leave or enter the court at the break after two games. This often results in missing crucial points and also a lot of leg crossing.

Wimbledon - The Do's and Don’ts

  • Don’t wear jeans. They will preclude you from entering more exclusive areas and also quite hot when the temperature rises. Instead opt for cotton trousers or lightweight worsteds or gaberdines.
  • Don’t shout out - it’s rowdy and your timing will often be poor. You will spend the rest of the match feeling shame-faced (see above for turning off the volume on your mobile).
  • Avoid taking selfies whilst waiting for play or during a match. It is just a no. Take a proper picture instead.
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