Royal Ascot Sartorial Check List

Royal Ascot Sartorial Check List

There are only a few days left until Royal Ascot commences. For those who will be enjoying the event in the Royal Enclosure we have devised a short sartorial checklist so you don't get sent packing for wearing a cravat instead of a tie or a stream of ribbons from your top hat.

1. Morning Dress

You are required to wear black or grey morning wear, take a look at our pick of the best Morning Suits here.

2. Waistcoat and Tie

You must wear a waistcoat and tie with your morning dress, this can be from the same material or add a complimentary colour instead. Take a look our our selection of waistcoats and ties here. Unfortunately, you'll have to stick to ties as cravats are no longer accepted in the Royal Enclosure.

3. Top Hat

Not really an everyday item but you will be required to wear a black or grey top hat. Head down to Bates for yours, here's our guide to the best, they'll sort you out. However, those partial to a bit of frill please bear in mind that customisation of any sort, for example ribbon, is not allowed.

4. Black Shoes

Make sure those shoes are squeaky clean, head across the road from us to Joseph Cheaney and Sons, for some fantastically handmade shoes which are all made in their factory in Northampton.

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