The Anatomy Of The Perfect Boxer Shorts

The Anatomy Of The Perfect Boxer Shorts

Here at Budd Shirtmakers we have been working for the last two years on what we believe is the “gold standard” in Boxer shorts. With contributions from our workshop in Andover, cloth suppliers, regular patrons and of course our experienced shop staff. We have pulled together all of the features we like best, then tested a total of 17 different designs before finally deciding to launch our new “Budd Boxer”.

Let’s start with the comfort elements. Firstly the cloth, we are using Egyptian cotton, which has been woven and designated “Swiss Superior” by Alumo. This is the finest cotton that you will find in the world in any boxer shorts. Nobody in their right mind would use such expensive cotton for boxer shorts, except Budd. Secondly we have a totally label free waistband. We have used 1.5 inches of padded elastic and encased this in the same Swiss Superior cotton. We feel that the waistband width gives an even fit and that the way we have finished the waistband (true Boxer style with flat sections front and back) ensures lasting comfort.

Perhaps the most important element of the Budd Boxer is the fly opening. We have designed this without a button (a superfluous fashion feature in our view) with quick ease of access being the order of the day. We feel we now have the right blend of access and containment, but we welcome your views and feedback.

All of the stitching on our “Budd Boxer” is flat, precise and externally seemed. This means that the Boxers lie flat against your skin. In construction we have gone with a side seem, as we feel that a totally seem free seat/bottom provides superior comfort. The side seem construction also allows for less “rucking” of material in the all important lower crotch area. On the leg end of our side seams we have used a split seem to allow for greater freedom of movement, a bit like athletic running shorts.

Our new Budd boxer shorts are available in sky blue and white, take a look at them here.

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