Get Dressed Up for a Night In

Get Dressed Up for a Night In

Every man should own a dressing gown. In fact, ideally, he will own at least two or three. There are classic, light-weight linen and cotton gowns for holidays, warmer days, or for when you are fresh out of the shower. Then there are cosy silk, wool and Cashmerello gowns, perfect for when it is time to batten down the hatches and settle in for the night.

Models wearing Budd silk dressing gowns, pyjamas and silk scarves

Budd has made gowns for almost as long as we have made shirts. In fact, our founder, Harold Budd was particularly fond of a dressing gown and can be seen donning a robe in many of the photographs held in our archive. Not only did gowns add an extra layer of warmth and protect clothing, they were also an opportunity to add a little more elegance to an ensemble when lounging at home, with opulent silks, quilting and brading bringing extra flair.

Harold Budd and childrenWe continue Mr Budd’s legacy today, the shop’s extensive and ever changing range of night robes a testament to our own appreciation of them and established status as a go-to for great nightwear.

Beyond beautiful cloths and careful craftsmanship, our night robes have two more essential characteristics – a good length (your gown should NEVER arrive above the knee) and a generous wrap. They are perfect when in the privacy of your own home, but will show their worth when you are on holiday or a house guest somewhere and unsure of morning etiquette when it comes to breakfast or Bloody Marys.

Budd Silk Dressing Gown Details

All of Budd’s gowns are made for us by a wonderful gownsmith. She has over forty years of experience as a maker, spending many of those at famous haberdashery, Sulka where she was privileged to apprentice at the age of eighteen. She has worked for Budd (now exclusively) for the past two decades and is a genius at the sewing machine.

Discover our dressing gown collection.

Don’t forget about our Made to Order Gown service

Do you have something special in mind, or are you struggling to find your perfect cloth and trim combination? Then take advantage of our made to order gown service. Let our team suggest or source your preferred cloth, or even bring us in a length of your own. We can cut and trim it to your size and specifications, even monogramming the outbreast pocket, for a truly personalised service.

Budd Silk Dressing Gowns CuffsOur Made to Order gowns have a starting price of £425 (dependent on cloth) and a lead time of 6-8 weeks. The service is currently available in-store only.

Contact us for more information.

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