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I will be spending Christmas with my partner’s family in Edinburgh, a place that is very close to my heart, having studied at the city’s university. I love the sense of ceremony and tradition that comes with the 25 December, and fortunately, so do they.

An easy, but not too late start on Christmas day will involve a decent breakfast, accompanied by champagne. There is definitely a sense of occasion to it, and appearing in an old t’shirt or sweatpants on such a special day feels inappropriate, so I shall be wearing a pair of Budd’s tailored fit silk pyjamas in blue. I have long coveted our Fox flannel gowns, and the herringbone edition in navy, sits perfectly on top. We normally have most things planned by Christmas morning, but there is fun to be had with allocating tasks and getting the ball rolling first thing – everyone has a sense of purpose and energy in the run up to lunch.

Tailored Fit Plain Silk Pyjamas in Blue and White

Herringbone Fox Flannel Dressing Gown in Navy

Lunch is long. Lunch is plentiful. It’s a semi-formal occasion, again, everyone makes an effort and normally has something new to wear in the mix. I will spend some time dressing the table, before getting dressed myself. I have been wearing our new dark denim shirt since we released it in September and already love its softness. It sits beautifully alongside other tones, a deep enough blue to make an impact. I will team it with one of Budd’s cranberry seedstitch cashmere jumpers; suitably festive without the waste or need for a throwaway Christmas jumper and a warmer tonality than a classic scarlet or bright red, colours that I struggle with at the best of times! I’ll also be wearing a pair of cashmere and silk socks to match. I am in charge of mixing dry Martinis (at which I excel) and keeping the champagne on pour. I will stay out of the kitchen but take pride in keeping glasses topped up. There is ceremony in the build up to us all sitting down, watching as the table gradually gets fuller and fuller, crackers are pulled and food and wine indulged in and imbibed.

Tailored Fit Plain Denim Button Cuff Shirt in Dark Blue

Plain Long Cotton & Cashmere Socks in Mulberry

Plain Cashmere Seed Stitch Crew Neck Jumper in Claret

Eventually we haul ourselves up from the table and head out for a walk, normally up to the castle. Even my dog Harris (usually donning a festive neckerchief), needs to gather himself for the stroll out! He is fed endless treats from the start of the day, and with such a long body and little legs, he tends to waddle out of the door. Over the past couple of years, my partner and in-laws have been treated to Budd gloves and scarves, so there is a chance we might look like an ad for the company! Our unlined hogskin gloves converted the doubters into believers when it came to warmth last year, whilst our cashmere lined cape leather gloves have been worn almost to death whilst walking Harris over the past 18 months (lockdown escapism). I commissioned some madder silk scarves, backed in cashmere and wool this year and they have dropped in store just in time for the Christmas break. I wear a lot of madder and one of these scarves will sit beautifully atop my cranberry sweater and shirt. Dependent on the Edinburgh chill, I will have one of our cashmere beanies slipped into my pocket as can be very cold indeed.

Plain Hogskin Unlined Gloves in Tan

Bold Floral 40oz Madder Silk Cashmere & Wool Scarf in Burgundy and Navy

Plain Cape Leather Cashmere Lined Gloves in Black

Lunch worked off, we will head back home for games in front of the fire, some good wine and great whiskeys, before slipping back into our pyjamas and gearing up for the drive down south to my own family and hitting “repeat” on Boxing Day.

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