Game, Set and No Need to Match

Game, Set and No Need to Match

Tennis Season - Crowd Of Spectators

Well, we are now in the full throws of the Summer Season in London. After the gussied up days of the Royal Wedding, garden parties, Epsom and Royal Ascot, it is time to rest our Morning Wear for more relaxed days out at the tennis and even, cricket.

Tennis Season - Spectators

The Aegon Queen’s Club Championships kicks of the English tennis season and allowsyou to get up close to some of the world’s greatest male players as they adapt to life on grass courts and perfect their game for Wimbledon. Aside from Queen’s though, we love the intimacy and informality of two small pre-SW19 tournaments, Boodles Tennis at Stoke Park and the Aspall Tennis Classic at London’s Hurlingham Club. Both of these have an up close and personal feel, informal atmosphere and bring out the best of Britain’s, breezy summer days.

Tennis Season - Seated Spectator

When dressing for the UK’s tennis tournaments, it is generally best to opt for a smart/casual dress code. We love that a decree of decorum is still required and eschew the brash, casual looks seen at the Italian, French and US Opens. Many of our tournaments have a changing dress code, dependent on enclosures and access. We recommend checking whether a jacket/suit is required in advance of your visit if you are at the All England Club, and for the rest, would suggest the following pointers:

Shirts: This is a great chance to wear your linen shirts, rolling up the sleeves for a casual look, and staying a little more buttoned-up should the occasion require. A simple white or sky blue will offer you the best versatility. Alternatively, why not opt for an Oxford shirt, the texture and weave again working well for any smart/casual briefs. Linen and cotton are both natural fibres and so will keep you cool when sitting courtside.

linen shirts


Trousers: Leave jeans and suit trousers at home. Opt for a linen, summer gaberdine, or cotton.

Ties: We love our knitted silk ties in the summer. They can look very smart when worn with a suit, but paired with a linen or cotton shirt provide a relaxed, but considered look.

Silk Knitted Ties

Braces: Our linen braces are great for adding a little character and of course, are very functional too! They also allow for some playfulness in terms of colour.

Socks: We must admit that we are partial to a bare ankle in the summer, but do consider whether it is appropriate with the rest of your outfit. If you are wearing socks, ensure that they are a decent length (please don’t share a glimpse of hairy leg, it is all or nothing in this department) and again, feel free to work with colour. Our linen socks are super cool, whilst our cotton lisles are great workhorses and available in a myriad of colours.

cotton socks

Shoes: Do not wear trainers or sandals. Very often they will be your downfall and go against the dress code of the day. Leave your Oxfords at home too.

Pocket squares: If you are wearing a blazer or sporting a suit, do add a pocket square to your outbreast pocket. Our batiste squares offer you a full palette of pastel tones, ensuring you can find the perfect combination between your tie, shirt and square. Our silk spots come in classic navy and ivory or Summer shades, whilst our linen and linen blends very much play to the summer-cool, louche look and again, give a nod to playful informality.

pocket squares

Whatever options you choose for your tennis wardrobe, ensure that you look and feel relaxed. Don’t get too matchy and feel free to embrace colour. Mix your textures, mix your tones and after all of that, don’t overthink things, have fun and get on with ordering your strawberries and Pimms and deciding which camp you will chose this year...Nadal or Federer once more!

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