Christmas At Home With... Max Hearne

Christmas At Home With... Max Hearne

Model, Max Hearne, shares his Christmas moments with Budd. (@maxhearne)

The perfect gift under the Christmas tree would be

Two flights to somewhere hot to see in the New Year on a beach.

I would like to pull a Christmas cracker with…

My Mum

My perfect Christmas outfit is

Something smart casual with a generous waistband

Three essential stocking fillers…

Always socks. Some chocolate and miniature whiskeys always go down well.

My favourite indulgence at Christmas is…

Roast potatoes.

Boxing Day on the sofa involves watching…

Anything with David Attenborough

I despise... at Christmas

The weather!

Favourite Christmas tipple…


I would like to share a turkey with…

My dog

What I wear to open my Christmas stocking…

A Santa hat

Presents, before or after lunch?

Always before.

Does the tree stay up for the 12 days of Christmas, or does it come down quick quick?

Our tree stays up all year as it’s a fiddle leaf tree that gets a bit of tinsel thrown at it if it’s lucky.

How best to celebrate New Year’s Eve?

Hopefully on a beach

On New Year’s Eve I shall be wearing…

Shorts and sun glasses. Hint hint *someone buy me a flight to the Maldives please.

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