Christmas At Home With... Jay Fielden

Christmas At Home With... Jay Fielden

Jay Fielden, Editor in Chief at Esquire Magazine shares some of his Christmas moments.

I would like to pull a Christmas cracker with….
Rei Kawakubo. Why not?

My perfect Christmas outfit is…..

An Eribe Fairisle sweater with a pair of plaid pants. If you can’t be in Scotland, you can still dress as if you are.

Three essential stocking fillers….

I’m quite a collector of little surprises: monogrammed pencils from CW Pencil Enterprise; a travel-size tactical flashlight; a die cast toy car from CMC.

My favourite indulgence at Christmas is…..

Listening to Burl Ives sing “Fooba Wooba” while opening another can of caramel popcorn.

My perfect Christmas Day involves….

Skiing the back bowls at Vail with my son, two daughters, and wife—earning that night’s dinner: the enchilada plate at the Minturn Saloon with an extra margarita or two.

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