Christmas At Home With... Guy Hills

Christmas At Home With... Guy Hills

Photographer, owner of Dashing Tweeds and outright Dandy, Guy Hills shares his Christmas moments with us. (@dashingtweeds)

Who would you like to share your turkey with?

I would like to share my Turkey with my whole family mostly but having just been to a Thanksgiving party with my American neighbour I would be intrigued to go back in time and feast with those Native Americans, I’m sure they knew how to enjoy themselves.

What do you wear to open you Christmas stocking?

I usually dress in my 1920's Silk jaquard dressing gown for opening stockings. It’s a fabulous vintage piece in black and gold with planes, trains and automobiles on it. A museum wanted to buy it, but it’s too fabulous to let go.

What do you hope is under the tree for you?

The best thing I would find under a tree (or rather the best thing I’ve put on my Christmas list, as a personal autogiro is probably too big) is a Suzuki Q Chord. It’s a super quirky electronic musical instrument that plays all sorts of chords and you can strum.

Presents, before or after lunch?

Presents after lunch in family frenzy of unwrapping.

Do you keep your tree up for the full 12 days of Christmas, or does it get the chop early on?

Tree up as long as possible. I always hate it when the party is over.

Any plans for New Year’s Eve?

Actually I’m not a great fan of New Years eve parties, they have been some of the worst I’ve attended, with clock watchers waiting for the ultimate non-event and then going home as soon as possible. However, I will definitely be wearing one of my exuberant Dashing Tweeds black tie suits with my bespoke Budd dress shirt and my great grandfather's pearl and sapphire dress studs.

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