Brace Yourself!

Brace Yourself!

Whether you call them suspenders or braces, these sartorial scaffolds have always been a feature at Budd, even when the fallout from the stereotypical, megalomaniacal banker of the late 80's threatened to do away with them for good. They have endured on Savile Row, are an essential feature of every cutter’s wardrobe and reign supreme both in the shop and cutting room at Budd too, with all of our team favouring the support and burst of colour that they lend to their daily looks.

When a classic British spy, who shall remain nameless, donned a pair of white Moiré braces, they were instantly revived and the modern, discerning gentleman became acutely aware of the benefits of this elegantly practical article.

Play with colour and texture, from fiesta red boxcloth to sapphire blue silk, to break up and exquisitely accent a monochromatic outfit; or pair them with a pastel-coloured irish linen shirt for a fresh summer look.

Their convenience and simplicity is second only to their vestiary allure. The braces fasten onto buttons in the inside of the trouser waistband, ensuring that they have perfect drape and length. Buttons are included in the box and can be sewn in if they're not already, or purchase a pair of clip-on buttons in store for a more temporary solution.

Slip on a pair of gold boxcloth suspenders, embrace your idiosyncrasies, and stand out from the crowd this season. Don’t just take our word for it, be inspired by some of our favourite braces-wearing icons below.

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