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This season, Budd offers you our biggest and most luxurious collection of gloves ever. We carry a full range of dress gloves for formal attire, as well as day gloves in luxurious peccary, deerskin and nappa leathers, lined or unlined, in rabbit fur or cashmere. For those looking for an old-school, yet indulgent option, we also carry simple, cashmere gloves, all of which can be matched to our ribbed scarves and beanies.

The Beauty of Gloves

Leather gloves are not only an elegant and better looking alternative to wool gloves, they are also a natural insulator, keeping your hands extra warm. Furthermore, they are water resistant, making them an excellent option in wet or snowy weather. Their breathable quality means that they will stop your hands from sweating too. In today's culture of two-wheel commuting and easy-rent bikes, our classic leather and driving gloves prove themselves pretty handy on many fronts. Not just for behind the wheel anymore, they'll provide an elegant and ample grip on handlebars too.

Finally, with the status quo of recent years, one of the greatest benefits of gloves is the protective barrier that they provide from germs and bacteria!

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