Women's Pyjamas

Women's Pyjamas

Budd’s women’s pyjamas have finally arrived and are a joy to behold, after years of requests and pinching our men’s pyjamas.

Designed and developed by our Creative Director, Fanny Ward and team of seamstresses in Andover, our women's pyjamas have been worked and reworked, tried and tested for perfect fit, comfort and purpose. In fact, coming to work in pyjamas has become something of a regular occurrence in the company.

Our women’s pyjamas are conceived not just for lounging around in, but to be worn at home and at play.

Beyond the classic, timeless inspiration of everyone’s main love, Coco Chanel, Fanny drew on nostalgia and a pair of linen pyjamas that she bought at the Saturday market in St Tropez over thirty years ago.

“I bought them to wear on the beach, not in bed. I wore the jacket with jeans and the bottoms with a string strap top - I don’t think I ever slept in them. I know linen is meant to last a lifetime, but mine just wore out with constant wearing.”

Well loved and worn out, Fanny’s pyjamas could only be matched by replication and improvement. After over a year of development, we love the result.

A monogramming service for our women’s pyjamas is available in store.

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