Morning Wear

Morning Wear
Decidedly British and perhaps the most fun of all dress codes, Morning Wear allows for creativity and colour, lending for elegance and individuality in equal measure.
Morning Wear
A dark morning coat and striped or puppy-tooth trousers perfectly set off a pastel or buff coloured vest. Shirt, tie and pocket square provide balanced contrast and harmony, bringing the whole look together. We do not endorse Ascots with Morning Dress, they belong to a wedding disco. Keeping it all grey? Then liven things up with your shirt and accessories.

A Few Tips...

A black herringbone or featherweave coat worn with grey striped or puppy-tooth trousers is an excellent choice for Morning Wear occasions. This ensemble must include a waistcoat. This can be in traditional buff or grey, or for a flourish of colour, is wonderful in a pastel shade such as duck egg blue, yellow or pink. Stick to linen or wool for this. A grey Morning coat with matching vest and trousers is an equally good option, but allows for less creativity.

Your morning trousers will require braces, and whilst they may be hidden under the waistcoat, do have some fun with their colour. Pocket squares are best in linen or batiste, and work in pastel or neutral tones, complimenting your shirt or vest. Your tie will help anchor your outfit, so give it due consideration.

Collar Blocking

Budd’s neckband shirts with detachable collar are the perfect backdrop for your morning wear. Available in sky or white poplin, they provide a clean and polished look that is easy to accessorise. Alternatively, a plain white or soft pastel shirt also works, as does a fine stripe for those who wish to be a little braver.

Choose a neckband shirt in sky or white, and wear with a detachable collar for some polished old school charm.

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