How To Look After Your Tie

How To Look After Your Tie

Tips for Tie Care

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A good tie should last you a lifetime. Budd’s collection is hand-slipped and hand made, cut from the finest pure silks, wools and linens. We pay a premium for our ties, and they deserve to be well looked after in order to guarantee their longevity.

Tie Removal

At the end of a long day or a stressful meeting, the temptation is just to yank your tie off, pulling the thin end with a heavy hand until it comes undone. Afford your tie more respect, and remove it by carrying out the tying process in reverse.

When removing your tie, always untie the knot properly, don’t just loosen it. This will avoid weakening its structure and making it limp and stop nasty creases.


Ideally, ties should be hung over a hanger or tie rail. This allows for any wrinkles to fall out more easily. If you cannot hang your ties, then when storing at home, we advise that you fold them carefully in four.

Hanging Ties

When travelling, roll your tie, starting at the smallest tip. Store inside a shoe and if possible, in individual bags in order to protect them.

Ties Rolled Up

Cleaning and Freshening Up

Unlike other items of clothing, ties shouldn’t need much in terms of cleaning, although should they need a refresh, we advise dry cleaning them. However, attention should be paid to pressing. Ties should be steamed and not ironed. A heavy iron used on the ties edges will crush the shape and flatten it, lending for a limp appearance.

If your tie is wrinkled, the best way of getting rid of them is with steam. A hand held steamer is ideal, however, when on the go or as a simple solution, run a shower at is very hottest and hang the tie close by. The creases will gradually fall away on their own.

Stains and spillage

Treat a stain while it is still fresh with water, ideally soda water. This will stop the mark from setting and give you a better chance of saving the tie when you clean it later.

Oil stains should be immediately treated with talcum powder, thanks to its absorant properties. Brush the powder off and then clean the tie with a soft, damp cloth...and keep your fingers crossed!

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