Five Essential Ties Every Gentleman Should Own

Madder Silk Ties

A good tie should be fully hand slipped and of a reassuring weight. It should tie a pleasing knot that holds well throughout the day. Beyond that, we recommend opting for a classic, timeless blade width of 8.5 or 9cm. Ties are best stored rolled or hanging. In terms of keeping your tie fresh and clean, we recommend dry cleaning.

Whether you need to start wearing ties and up your smartness ante, or are veering the other way and in need of a neckwear cull, we have shortlisted the five essential ties that we believe every gentleman should own below:

1. The Madder Tie

Budd Madder Silk Ties

A British heritage favourite and a brilliant tie to see you through the Autumn/Winter months. Madders work elegantly with a classic navy or grey flannel suit, but also sit perfectly along the Autumnal shades of a weekend tweed. Madders have a well-loved appearance, never looking too new.

2. The Seven-Fold Tie

Silk Seven Fold Ties

A seven-fold tie makes a subtle statement of acknowledgement to the skilled craftsmen behind the carefully executed seven folds, for this is a tie that uses plenty of silk and little more. Long a symbol of luxury due to the indulgent excess of cloth, they make a beautiful knot, have good weight and are pleasing in the hand too.

3. The Knitted Tie

Knitted Ties

The navy, knitted silk tie is probably our most valued tie, thanks to its versatility and simplicity. This is the tie to have with you when want to bridge the gap between smart and casual, or are unsure as to whether an event or dress code dictates a tie or not. Silk knitted ties have a narrow blade and straight end. They have enjoyed something of a revival in recent years, allowing you to show off a little sartorial and fashion know-how too.

4. The Stripe Tie

Striped Silk Ties

Striped ties are a little like British spread Marmite and have people in two camps - love or hate. There are those that feel that you should only wear a striped tie if it is from your alma mater or regiment, however, we love their vintage reference and their role in breaking up a look and bringing together multiple colours. Textured stripes add a note of difference too.

5. The Diced Check Tie

Budd Diced Check Silk Ties

We should probably call this tie, The Lucky Dice. Our diced check design is exclusive to Budd and has been a staple of our collection for decades. This is a tie that cuts a dash worn with a business suit and one of our sky blue Soyella shirts, but which will also work perfectly into your morning wear wardrobe, perfect for weddings, Ascot and beyond.

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