Our Guide To Collars

Our Guide To Collars

The Budd Collar

Our house 'Budd' collar hasn't changed since the 1980's. Forward facing it is ideally suited for a tie or bow tie.

The Bank Collar

As a deferential nod to the Webster family, the Bank Collar has not been changed for over 40 years. Semi cut away, it is deliberately cut to hold a fuller knot. Not as severe as the continental cutaways, the Bank is a typical British style that sits under the lapels of the jacket.

The Button Down Collar

The classic casual collar, the Budd button down has a slightly longer point to add a bit more height and to further enhance the casual style of the collar.

The Round Pin Collar

A variation on the classic pin collar, the round points of this collar refer back to the traditional stiff white collar. A more distinctive but elegant collar.

The Tab Collar

A quintessentially English collar, this collar harks back to a bygone age. Something a little different but still classically English.

The Washington Collar

A collar with a much straighter forward front, it was christened the 'Washington' due to a lot of our American clientele preferring this straighter cut.

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