Christmas At Home With... Tom Chamberlain

Christmas At Home With... Tom Chamberlain

Editor of The Rake magazine, Tom Chamberlain (@tfchamberlin) talks us through his Christmas moments.

I would like to share a turkey with….

My wife Tash, son Harry and whichever family are around on the day, hopefully all of them.

What I wear to open my Christmas stocking…..

My indoor clothes, a RRL T-shirt, Zegna cashmere trousers and a Budd dressing gown.

Presents, before or after lunch?

Before. After lunch is for the Queen’s speech and napping.

Does the tree stay up for the 12 days of Christmas, or does it come down quick quick?

Definitely stays up all 12 days after Christmas. Trees are one of the best bits of Christmas so always sad to see it go.

How best to celebrate New Year’s Eve?

New Years brings out the scrooge in me, but this year will be different as I will have a four-day old baby to tend to so I hope I can ask for all your fingers crossed that I will be fast asleep at 12.

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