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Black Tie

With a new series of The Crown dropping next week and the recent release of the Downton Abbey movie, there is a part of us that yearns for the decorum and poise that comes with dressing for the occasion and the excuse to make an effort in the evening. Party season is almost upon us, so we say it is a great time to break out your Black Tie and enjoy an evening dressed up to the nines.

Budd Black Tie

Black Tie worn well looks impeccable and dashing. Poorly or carelessly put together, however, and it looks sloppy and unflattering. When we talk about dress code, it infers rules, and as we were all told when growing up, “rules exist for a reason.”

Budd Shirtmakers has produced exceptional dress shirts, waistcoats, bows, jewellery and accessories for Black Tie wear for over a century. There is little they don’t know on the matter and they are a regular destination for costume designers and stylists when selecting for period dramas and formal attire.

Black Tie Details

Below, their expert team provide some advice to ensure your black tie is on point:

  1. Never wear a winged collar shirt with Black Tie. It tends to be unflattering, reveals the tie band and belongs to the White Tie remit.
  2. Invest the time in learning to tie your own bow tie, rather than opting for a pre-tied bow. It will have a softer and more elegant look to it, and shows care. It also provides ample satisfaction.
  3. Match the silk of your bow to the lapel facings on your dinner jacket.
  4. Experiment with dress studs and match them to your cufflinks. Budd’s own dress shirts offer a novel detail that allows you to swap between mother of pearl buttons or studs.
  5. Try out other dress shirt options. Beyond classic and fail-safe Marcella, ivory silk and voiles are a beautiful and luxurious touch, whilst pleated fronts add structure when a cummerbund or vest are absent.
  6. Remember your pocket square and keep it white or ivory. It brings life to your dinner suit and helpfully, also broadens the chest.
  7. Wear a pair of braces (moire preferably) and never a belt.
  8. Experiment with a cummerbund or backless silk vest for some vintage charm. These extra additions also create a more tidy appearance.
  9. Keep socks black and shoes simple. A dress pump, slipper or Oxford will work best.
  10. Keep things simple and novelty free for perfect polish.

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