The Anatomy of a Budd Dress Shirt

The Anatomy of a Budd Dress Shirt

Here at Budd we are rather proud of our dress wear, from the classic Marcella to coloured voile hand pleated we have a wide range of shirts that are perfect for black and white tie occasions. But what makes them different from the rest? In this post we explore the anatomy of the Budd dress shirt and find out why it is a perfect fit for the coming dress wear season.

The Collar

All of our dress shirts feature the Budd house collar which is ideally forward facing as opposed to a cutaway collar that would show the band of the bow tie. The Budd collar allows for a harmonious relationship between the collar and the bow tie.

Front Panel

The front panel of our dress shirts are either pleated or a marcella front. This allows you to keep up appearances whilst staying cool with the lightweight fabric of the shirt body.


The bodies of our dress shirts are made from lightweight zepyhr or voile to keep the body cool whilst wearing a dinner suit or white tie attire.

Button Tape

The detachable button tape allows you to remain smart and understated with the option of dressing up the shirt with studs when needed. Our dress shirts have the traditional feature of three buttons instead of the more common four. Our long standing customers can be assured that they can wear their grandfather's studs with impunity.

View all of our dress shirts here.

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