White Tie

Elegance At It Highest

Heart stoppingly beautiful when worn correctly, clumsy looking when poorly put together. After all these years, we still get a frisson of excitement when kitting a gentleman out in White Tie. The good news is that it seems to be growing in popularity too. Clean lines and a monochrome palette work in perfect harmony, whilst the stiff-bibbed shirt and detachable collar encourage perfect posture. What’s not to like?

Never compromise or improvise with your White Tie. Its guidelines are strict, and let’s face it, work perfectly.

White Tie Dressing with
Christopher Mundy

"White Tie is all about elegance through simplicity."

Shop Manager and Formal Wear specialist, Christopher Mundy, has put together a few tips to help getting dressed in White Tie a little easier. Remember, patience is a virtue and practise makes perfect.


Essential Tip!

There is some contention when it comes to the length of your vest (waistcoat) in relation to your tailcoat. Europeans tend to wear the vest so as it hangs down lower than the coat front, this can unfortunately look sloppy and cheapen the overall impact. True Savile Row convention dictates that the waistcoat sits in line with the front points of the coat. This is also a win when it comes to proportion.

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