Trunk Shows

Darren Tiernan, Senior Shirt Cutter
We appreciate that not all of our customers can make it to our London shop to meet with our bespoke shirt cutters in person and that perhaps, their personal shirting needs cannot be taken care of online, so several times a year, we host bespoke and custom made trunk shows both in the United States and Europe.
James Macauslan, Shirt Cutter
Our trunk shows are hosted by our cutters, Darren Tiernan and James Macauslan and take place three-four times a year. They take place within either a hotel or within a like-minded men's store. The focus lies primarily on our bespoke and custom made shirt services and as such, Darren and James bring with them a good variety of our shirt samples and cloths. They also bring with them a selection of our nightwear, dresswear and accessories to whet your appetite.
Bespoke Cutting Board

During your appointment, you will be taken through shirting options (we won't disappoint you on the cloth front, and carry cloths from mills such as Alumo and Thomas Mason) and styling options, including collar, cuff and fit. A full set of measureaments is taken before your pattern and shirt is made up in the UK.

In the case of custom made shirts, your shirts will be sent out to you within 3-5 weeks. Bespoke is a little different, due to the unique set of measurements that is taken. New customers will have a sample shirt made first. This will be sent out to you to try, wash and feedback on, and reviewed with your cutter either at your next meeting, o,r subject to you being immediately satisfied, signed off and the remainder of your shirt order put into hand. For repeat customers, we will simply make up your order and send it out to you when ready.

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