Which collar shape suits me best? 

As a rule of thumb, the classic Budd collar with its narrower points is the most flattering and popular of all collars. It is a traditional “forward” collar, synonymous with Jermyn Street tradition. It works best for those with rounder faces and will lengthen and slim them down a little, thanks to its narrower, straighter points.

Other collars to consider:

Button down

Round pin


Penny Round

Spread collars tend to have more contemporary and European overtones, and work very well for those with thinner, longer or more angular faces, helping to give balance. They have wider collar points that angle outwards instead of down. If wearing a tie, you will need a fuller knot, but better still, go without.  

Collars to consider:

Spread collar

Semi-spread collar – The Bank Collar

Penny Round

If you have an oval face, you have the choice of pretty much any collar shape.

Budd CollarBudd Collar


Our house 'Budd' collar hasn't changed since the 1980's. Forward facing it is ideally suited for a tie or bow tie and is our most popular collar shape.

Bank CollarBank Collar


A nod to the Webster family, the Bank Collar has remained unchanged for over 40 years. Semi cut-away, it holds a fuller knot. Less severe than continental cutaways, the Bank is typically British and sits under the lapels of the jacket.

Button Down CollarButton Down Collar

Button Down

The classic, casual collar and a great weekend option, the Budd button down has a slightly longer point to add a little more height and further enhance its casual style.

Round Pin CollarRound Pin Collar

Round Pin

A variation on the classic pin collar, the round points of this collar refer back to the traditional stiff white collar. Distinctive but elegant, with a hint of the Peaky Blinder to it.

Penny Round CollarPenny Round Collar

Penny Round

A modern take on the old Edwardian, school collar which originally came taller and fully starched. The shallow points of Budd's penny round create a contemporary look, perfect for a casual shirt or to add a subtle twist when worn with a suit.

Washington CollarWashington Collar


A collar with a much straighter forward front, we christened this collar the 'Washington' due to its popularity amongst our American clientele, who prefer the straighter cut.

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