James Couzens outside the Budd Store

We are excited to finally reopen the doors to our Piccadilly Arcade shop on Monday 12 April. Like everyone, we hope that Lockdown 3.0 was the last closure we can expect.

Whilst we have tried to stay in touch with our customers as best we can during the lockdown period, we have missed all of you and nothing beats being able to converse and interact face to face.

Andrew Rowley at Budd shop counter
Budd Store Door Bell

Whilst we graduate back to normal, there are some modifications to our services along the way that we shall all be adhering to:

Store Opening Hours

  • We shall be open from Monday to Friday from 10am - 6pm. Saturdays 11am - 5pm.

Entering the store

  • Due to the small size of our shop, we are only able to accommodate two customers at a time, adhering to the two-metre rule between individuals.
  • Should you wish to visit at a specific time or with a specific cutter, we invite you to pre-book your appointment online.
  • Look Down! We have installed a doorbell on the shop door. We put this on the lowest part of the door frame so that it can be simply depressed using your foot, meaning that you do not need to open the door with your hands.
  • There is hand sanitizer on a table just inside the door. We would greatly appreciate you using this liberally for our collective protection.
  • Please wear a mask or pick one up when you come in.
Budd Covid-19 face masks


  • We sell masks in store and online. These are made using the same materials as we use for our shirts by the team at our Andover workshop.

Book an Appointment

Our door is always open, however, should you wish to visit at a specific time and with your preferred cutter or member of our shop team, we have implemented an online appointments tool for your convenience. This allows you to choose the type of service you require, whether for bespoke, made to measure, or a simple ready to wear or store consultation. Simply click on the link below and click through your preferred options.


James Macauslan in the bespoke shirt cutting room
Inside the Budd store

Shop with us virtually...and not just online!

We appreciate that not all of you enjoy the process of shopping online and prefer the personal touch. We are also aware that some of you might struggle to make it into town to see us, or perhaps be overseas or still shielding. With this in mind, we are happy to serve you via Zoom or Whatsapp for your bespoke, made to measure and ready to wear needs. Simply request an appointment via our new booking facility and one of our team will be in touch.

Click and Collect

Introduced during the course of the last year, our Click and Collect service has proved itself popular and allows for you to order online in advance and to swing by and collect your prepared order at a time that best works for you (during opening hours only).

Slowly slowly, we will get back to normal. We hope we can soon leave behind the new normal and revert to the old normal. For now, let’s stick together but stay apart.

Stay safe, stay well. Welcome back!