Kian and Zach at Sterling & Burke

Kian Hassani and Zach Lathram head up Sterling & Burke, our sister company and outpost in Georgetown, Washington DC. Located just next to the Four Seasons Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, the townhouse store stocks Budd, Tusting, Bremont Watches, Globe Trotter cases, Dunhill and Santa Maria Novella amongst its offering During “normal” times, the store and its upstairs clubroom play host to a regular calendar of trunk shows from visiting tailors and craftsmen, including Budd. Kian and Zach are currently spearheading Sterling & Burke’s own tailoring programme, offering made to measure trouser service, as well as custom tailoring from Italy. Budd’s made to measure shirt service is, of course, also available year-round, as are consultations for existing bespoke customers

Kian, Partner and dog

Kian Hassani, Director and Retail Manager 

The start of the holiday season is creeping up on us and here in the US, we are only three weeks away from Thanksgiving.  

My wife and I (and our English bulldog Huff) always go over to my parents house for Thanksgiving and we are lucky in that they only live about 5 miles from us, in Chevy ChaseMaryland. Avoiding a travel slog makes us especially thankful on Thanksgiving, particularly this year.  

Both my parents are Iranian, and thus hospitality is a cornerstone, if not a paramount part of our culture. Thanksgiving at my parents house doesn't really look like the traditional American Thanksgiving. I cannot recall when it started. but at one point or another we decided to forgo the traditional Thanksgiving spread of turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing. In its place for the last few yearsmy mom has prepared a spread of traditional Persian dishes that border on proper gluttony. Our guest list is also nonexistent, or rather, not formalized. In its place we have an open-door policy to anyone who would like to come or has nowhere to go. Over the years this has been friends, friends of friends and sometimes strangers. The constant guest at our holiday is my parents neighbour Manu, who is French and lovely. There is no need to even give my mom a heads up if you are coming, she knows there will be plenty to eat so feel free to drop in. My dad also makes sure there is plenty to drink, so long as you like Bordeaux you’re all set.  

Kian Thanksgiving

As regards dressing for Thanksgiving, it's all over the place. Late November in DC is a bit hit or miss when it comes to the weather. You can either have a 45 degrees(7 degrees C) day or a 70 degrees (21 degrees C) day with no in between. I usually opt for dark jeans, some form of casual shirt and a lighter weight jumper, but I realized last year that jeans severely lack the elasticity (they will NOT give) needed when indulging yourself with more food and drink that you can or should handle 

I feel much better prepared this year, however. For starters, I've got BuddMicro-check Brushed cotton shirt as my base for this year's outfit. I love how the combination of the sky blue micro check pattern and texture of brushed cotton gives the shirt a slightly "chambray" effect.  

 I love color and playing off my surroundings. This Cayenne jumper is perfect as the leaves on the trees around my parents house are just about this tone in late November. It will go perfectly with my shirt too.

And lastly, I shall be wearing my new Sterling & Burke Tailoring Ready to Wear trousers. The pattern was something Zach and I developed with a trouser maker in Brooklyn NY, who only makes trousers. The fit is what we call tailored but comfortable. The rise is just a touch higher, with a little more room in the thigh and knee than has been a la mode the last few years and a slightly tapered bottom. My pair for Thanksgiving will be in our chocolate brown corduroy. 

Zach and Wife

Zach Lathram, Store Manager 

Being born and raised in Kentucky, the holidays are a special time of year. It's always been a sort of tradition to sport a piece of knitwear or tie while gathering for Thanksgiving. My uncles, cousins, and grandfathers have always followed this tradition and I am very happy to help carry this on for years to come.

Zach and Wife

A personal favourite piece of knitwear I like to wear on Thanksgiving is a sleeveless cardigan. Whilst a jacket is a bit on the warm side when inside the house, I find a sleeveless cardigan makes for a perfect substitute. It adds an extra layer, but still gives you the freedom to roll your sleeves up if called into the kitchen.

Zach and Wife

I love wearing ties. If I am walking out the door, I'll have a tie on. This has become an expectation of myself whenever our families gather for Thanksgiving and I’ll usually opt for something on the darker side or with a small design. Knit ties are 9 times out of 10 my go-to pick. They're easy to pair with Oxford cloth shirts and are just casual enough to still give yourself that dressed up feel. For later dining, I will opt for a slightly dressier tie, mostly likely in a silk twill. Ancient madder ties have become a statement piece of neckwear to me, they tie a beautiful knot and offer up a great colour palette. My favorites are the smaller designs in paisley or teardrops. They're not too bold, but just bold enough to notice. 

Cheers to you all and Happy Thanksgiving!