Menswear aficionado, James Couzens joined the Budd team in the Spring of this year. He had long been familiar to Budd both as a customer and friend, so we feel that we wouldn’t be remiss in saying it already feels like he is part of the furniture. James also has an alter-ego as blogger @gentofoxford

James Couzens, Sales Ambassador at Budd

Favorite Tipple

A Negroni, but sometimes you can't beat a good Single malt whisky. Negronis have enjoyed something of a revival of late, and I can’t help but join in on the enthusiasm.


Favorite Travel destination 

Japan. I first visited back in 2015 and have been back on another two occasions. Its culture and history is extraordinarily rich, leaving me with the feeling that I have only just scratched the surface after each trip. Another fascination with Japan, is their take on sartorial and vintage fashion which is meticulous. At times, they are more British than the British. I of course, also love the food.


Top 3 Favourite books

I am an avid reader and spend much of my free time at Addyman Books in Hay-on-Wye where I like to get lost among the shelves of their gorgeous and intriguing shops. My three favourite reads are: 

  1. The Hobbit, J.R.R.Tolkien
  2. The Junior Officers Reading Club, Patrick Hennessey
  3. The Code Of The Woosters, P. G. Wodehouse

Favorite Item Of clothing 

I was a long-time customer of Budd prior to joining the company, and have a keen eye for picking up vintage pieces. It is perhaps serendipitous then that my favourite piece of clothing is a Budd bow tie that once belonged to the late Sir Christopher Lee.

Budd Silk Bow Ties

Favorite Shoes

My pair of Joseph Cheaney Black Oxfords. Simple and classic, they are my most dependable work shoes.

Soundtrack to my life 

London Calling, The Clash. I moved to London permanently when I joined Budd this Spring, so it resonates more than ever. 

Favorite Menswear brands

I am pretty chuffed to say that they are all British and all independent:

  1. Budd
  2. Drakes
  3. Kitblake
  4. New & Lingwood
  5. Benson & Clegg

Favourite Budd Product

Madder silk bow ties and ties. They are iconic and something we do extraordinarily well. I love how well madder works with so many textures and colours and its vintage, very English feel. 

Budd Madder Silk Ties


Living History, military history and classic menswear.

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