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The shirtmakers of London’s West End have long been associated with the striped shirt, in fact, the generic term Jermyn Stripes exists for that very reason. A mostly timeless design (bar deckchair or multi-coloured versions), stripes are always a safe bet. They add a little more interest than a solid shirt, but can still maintain a formal, restrained look. Stripes work terrifically well as a work shirt, but opt for a button cuff version and you can roll the sleeves up and remove your tie, making your striped shirt perfect for when your “Out of Office” is switched on too. Of course, it is all in how you choose to mix and wear your stripes. Add some British eccentricity and be a little bold, or keep things discreet, with a muted tie and hairline stripe. Another bonus of the stripe shirt? It is very flattering. Stripes elongate, sculpt and slim the body.


Whilst the stripe has been a mainstay of the working wardrobe since the 1950s (thanks largely to its silver screen popularity), it had actually not been popular in gentlemen’s wardrobes until Victorian times. Before then, the stripe had a somewhat checkered (sorry!) past. Society in medieval times associated the design with depravity and the work of the devil. Infact, think back in history, and the stripe does not come out well. How lucky we are that thanks to Queen Victoria, it had a swing in its fortune! Never is a stripe just two contrasting parallel lines, it always has some connotations behind it, just read the words of historian, Michel Pastoureau below:

''There is still a good stripe and a bad stripe today…..When the banker's pinstripes become thick, like the bands you sometimes see on Al Capone, they're negative.'' - The Devil’s Cloth: A History of Stripes.  

Luckily, Budd channel’s neither the greedy banker or the prison convict, instead championing some exceedingly wearable stripes that you will soon because wardrobe favourites and liven up your outfit a little.

Plain Boxcloth Braces in Red

See our favourite striped shirts from our ready to wear collection, or why not create your own, taking advantage of our made to measure service online and instore.

The Dobby Stripe

A less conforming stripe design that makes a statement. Roll your sleeves up and wear for both work and play.

dobby stripe shirt

The Double Stripe

There is something about the classic double stripe here that has a vintage and quintessentially British feel about it. Red adds an element of difference.

Double stripe shirts

The Sky Blue Bengal Stripe

Simple, timeless and subtle, but in a blue that really sings. The Bengal is the evergreen of striped shirts.

The Pencil Stripe

Bold, but not imposing, the blue base lifts the spirits and the white stripe has some guts. Not too showy, but super fresh.

The Hairline Stripe

The discreet grey and white stripes in this shirt are great for a contemporary, paired-down look. Wear with a grey suit or, beneath a morning coat for added elegance.

The Budd Stripe

A part of our repertoire for over 100 years, how could we not include our very own Budd stripe amongst our favourites? The double cuff on this shirt makes it very much a business piece, and one that shows confidence.

the budd stripe

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