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Budd recently took delivery of its new collection of hand-made umbrellas from historic Italian maker, Maglia, and now we find ourselves longing for some gloomy April showers so as can give them a twirl and shield ourselves from the rain with pride.

the making of a maglia umbrella

maglia umbrellas

We have wanted to stock Maglia umbrellas for a long time. This is largely because we are quite in love with the charm and history of the company and the meticulous, craftsmanship that goes into each piece. Each umbrella requires approximately 70 steps, coming together for an exquisite work of art. A fifth generation, family-run company, Maglia has been producing umbrellas in Milan for over 150 years. Today the company is run by Francesco Maglia (each generation of the family has a Francesco), a passionate ombrellaio, and one of the menswear world’s most respected artisans.

cutting the material for a maglia umbrellamaking a maglia umbrellaAs one might expect of Maglia, each of our umbrellas (with the exception of our compact travel editions) is made using a solid stick design, meaning that the shaft and curved handle are crafted from one piece of wood, in the case of Budd, a handsome, dark Chestnut. The nature of achieving this by hand, means that each umbrella is unique. They are a good height, allowing them to serve as a handy walking stick too! The eight panel canopies are made from a poly-cotton, milled at a silk mill in Como. As a pleasing detail, the rosetta on the inside is made of the same material. Each umbrella fastens closed with an elegant, mother of pearl button and loop detail. A brass or nickel Budd branded collar sits on each shaft (and matches the tip), so you will know that this umbrella is yours and can stand out from the crowd.

maglia umbrella fasteningBudd is nothing if not colourful and bar a couple of requisite black umbrellas in our range, we have selected some handsome colourways, in plains, contrasts and stripes to really show off the umbrella at its best.

Shop our new Maglia umbrellas exclusively in our Chelsea and Piccadilly stores.



Maglia Umbrellas