First things first, please don’t hate us for using the C word, but we need to bring up the subject of Christmas already. Should you be hankering after one of our gowns, and better still, a custom gown made to your specifications, then you will need to start dropping hints now. Our made to order night robes have a lead-time of 6-8 weeks (minimum) and, if you want to be wearing yours when you open your stocking on Christmas morning, you are well advised to get the ball rolling now.  

The made to order process for our gowns is simple. Establish your size, sleeve and gown length, choose your cloth, choose your pocket preference and choose your trim. For added panache, choose your lining, and perhaps even your monogram. Our silk linings are perfect if you want to match things up and up the lux level. 

When it comes to which cloth to have your dressing gown cut from, we have a liberal offering. Few can think of Budd, without picturing our house stripe or a majestic madder, but, we also offer a riot of linens for those who will wear their robe in warmer climes, or wool or brushed cotton, for those staying closer to home and who plan to mainline the Sunday papers and a Netflix marathon. Opt for one of our cashmeres, and you might find you grow emotionally attached to it, a present day security blanket that you will long to rush home to after a tough day.  

Followers of Budd will know that we have long been fans of Douglas Cordeaux (read more about him in our blog). Not only do we admire Douglas for his elegance (and loyalty to Budd), we are also huge fans of his cloth mill, Fox Flannels. Fox has a history that stretches back almost two and a half centuries, the flannels they weave, second to none. Our Fox gowns are reassuringly weighty and are guaranteed to keep you toasty.

Of course, we also offer gowns for channeling a Brideshead or Downton Abbey moment! They can be worn alone, or atop your black tie, in place of your jacket, pre or post an evening’s entertainment. This may seem like a look of days gone by, but we often see it revisited by many of our customers, with our paisley silks and spots coming into their own. Our moiré silk gowns top the lot, opulent and evocative of a golden age.


No matter which cloth you hanker after, enjoying making your gown uniquely yours. Go for subtle hues or flamboyant brights, just be careful not to panic the cat!

Our Made to Measure Gowns have a starting price of £475 (dependent on cloth) and a lead time of 6-8 weeks. The service is currently available in-store only.

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