Ah, Summer, how we love you! The Season when we break our much missed brights and lightweight cloths out of our wardrobes and instantly feel like we have a different attitude to life.

We have more energy and feel more relaxed, we embrace the longer days, jugs of Pimm’s and the host of events that the period brings with it. Be it a holiday, a day at the tennis, polo, cricket or a trip down the coast, we have a favourite go-to cloth to set the right tone, and it is linen.

Budd has long stocked linen shirts, but in recent years we have upped both our range of colours (it is vast by the way, soft pink or cornflower blue anyone?) and our styles. Choose our casual fit, designed to let it all hang out, or for those who prefer things a little tidier, our classic cut fits the bill. We now also carry linen in our tailored shirt range too, for those who prefer a closer fit.

Of course, our linen love affair doesn’t stop at shirts. The summer months see us offer linen dressing gowns, nightshirts and pyjamas amongst our collection, with our ladies’ pjs selling out last year.

Our Shop Manager, Christopher Mundy has been busy on the buying front and this year has sourced some terrific linen accessories to add to our range.  Our collection of linen braces in pastel tones lends itself perfectly to Morning Wear ensembles, or for a more insouciant touch atop a shirt and trousers, no jacket required.  Our new linen socks will ensure your feet stay cool and our pocket squares will freshen up the look of any jacket, whilst being perfectly practical too.

Never be afraid of wearing linen. It should be loved and lived in. It gets better and softer with age and is one of the coolest fabrics you can wear, due to its natural properties. Nobody minds it looking a little crumpled, in fact, too prim and you miss the point. It is perfect when hitting the streets of Bangkok or the beaches of Biarritz. We love the look of a linen shirt worn over swimming shorts, effortless chic with a good purpose too!

At a time where sustainability plays on our conscience, there are so many positives that come with our flax friend. Linen is one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics available today, due to the minimal wastage that comes from the flax plant. It requires far less water than cotton, fewer chemicals, naturally biodegrades and lends itself to a wealth of bi-products too. What’s not to love?

Quality is a constant priority at Budd. As such, all of our linen is grown in France and woven in Ireland, by a specialist mill and member of the Irish linen board. It blooms in June and is harvested in August before being sent up to Ireland. The Irish have a centuries’ old history of weaving linen and the beauty of their cloths remains unbeaten, even today.

A few tips for caring for your linen:

 ·   Wash your linen on a cold wash.

·   Do not overfill your machine. Linen responds well when in a smaller load.  It helps it come out a little less crushed.

·   Avoid over drying your linen. When ironing, it is best to use a hot or steam iron when the cloth is still a little damp.

·   Also try and avoid the temptation to use a tumble drier.

·   Iron on the inside first. This will remove creases and help avoid too much sheen.

·   If you are off on a trip somewhere, packing your linen into a plastic cover or slip will help prevent creasing. Of course, should you arrive and the wrinkles in your shirt are beyond decent, hang it up in a hot steamy bathroom with the door closed and the shower on for a short while.

·   Store your linen shirt on a hanger.

·   Budd’s linen is preshrunk to give improved residual shrinkage control.