The Budd Guide To Morningwear

Morning Wear is the traditional daytime formal dress-code and is typically worn at weddings, garden parties, investitures and race meetings such as Royal Ascot. We've put together a simple checklist to ensure that you're ready to go if and when any such invitation is to come your way.

1. The Shirt - A classic solid cotton shirt should be the basis of any morning wear look. Opt for a classic white cotton shirt or a sky neckband cotton shirt paired with a stiff detachable day collar for an authentic, traditional look.

2. The Cufflinks - Add a touch of colour and personality with a pair of cloisonné cufflinks.

3. The Tie - A classic woven, plain or neat patterned tie is perfect for morning wear and grenadine is a fail safe option.

4. The Socks - Socks should be worn over the calf, unless you are a fan of sock suspenders. Short socks without suspenders are not really an option, because exposing one’s leg ruins the overall elegant effect of morning dress. Classic choices for daywear hosiery are black or charcoal socks. If you are a traditionalist, pure silk is the way to go.

5. The Gloves - Daywear gloves were never black. Instead, colours like chamois yellow, off white, tan, or shades of grey used to be the norm. It looks particularly dapper if you match the colour of your gloves with your morning waistcoat. Chamois yellow and grey are the most common morning dress glove colours. Make sure to get unlined gloves for the summer.

6. Braces & Waistcoat Slips - All morning trousers have brace tops, and although they are hidden under the waistcoat, they are still essential. Also, slips provide a little contrast and give a considered, heritage look.

7. And the rest - Once you have the above covered you will need to finish off your morningwear ensemble with a morning coat, trousers and waistcoat. A black herringbone or featherweave coat worn with black and grey striped trousers is an excellent choice for Morning Wear occasions. This ensemble must include a waistcoat. This can be in traditional buff or grey, or for a flourish of colour, is wonderful in a pastel shade such as duck egg blue, yellow or pink. A grey Morning coat with matching vest and trousers is an equally good option but allows for less creativity.

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