Wednesday 6th December saw Budd host a Bow Tie Masterclass with The Jackal Magazine's deputy Editor, Aleks Cvetkovic at Maison Assouline. To accompany the event, The Jackal put together a rather nifty little film on how best to wear black tie. Take look at the film below.

We thought we would cut to the chase and summarise Alek's tips in the list below:

  1. Don't be dull. You can be classic or contemporary but ensure some flair.
  2. A white Marcella dress shirt with studs and cufflinks is the best and most classic choice.
  3. Ensure you have a good, self tie black silk bow
  4. Your Cummerbund or waistcoats should match your bow.  (btw, it is either/or when it comes to cummerbunds and waistcoats). Their job is a simple tidy up a look and conceal the trouser waistband.
  5. Evening scarves should be removed as soon as you arrive at your event. They are to be worn for travelling in, not indoors.
  6. An ivory silk evening shirt is very stylish, and especially great with velvet.
  7. If you are wearing a cummerbund, ensure that the pleats face upwards. They originally served to store your opera tickets in!
  8. Keep shoes polished or patent.
  9. Pocket squares should be plain and white/ivory.
  10. DO NOT undo your bow tie. You are not James Bond!