Our creative director has been waving her wand to add a touch of autumn magic to our Piccadilly Arcade windows. A blanket of lush grass festooned with gorgeous pumpkins and fresh conkers has created a seductive setting for comforting tattersall shirts, cosy wool gowns, and luxurious cashmere scarves.

Step downstairs at Budd and you will discover not just a spacious fitting room, but an inviting leather armchair to relax whilst perusing our range of fine shirtings. A dusty storage area has now been transformed into a Neo-Edwardian-stockroom-chic affair with wood panelling, brass fittings and richly textured carpets.


If requiring a "comfort break" the "bathroom" has been recently upgraded to 3 star status (well it's not the Ritz); new efficient plumbing and elegant striped wallpaper makes the whole experience a little more pleasant. However, we are pleased that one original feature has not been lost in all this interior-design wizardry.