What are the 5 essentials well dressed gents pack in their suitcases before they jet off for the Summer sun? We asked Charles Finch, A.A. Gill and John Standing their essentials when packing.

Charles Finch

My life after all is a big holiday!

Wisica sea island cotton shirt

Chucs swims and polo shirt

Battistoni fold up mac

Books...Hermes watercolours...Books


John Standing

T-shirt from 'Johnnies Tackle' Long Island

Binoculars in India for the Rapters, my fave

Chinos from J Crew, for anywhere

Iphone for instant camera

Rotting old pair of Ralph Lauren sneakers (most important)



Patouchli - my current favourite from Santa Maria Novella (it's important to smell good, especially when hot)

Small travelling shaving brush from Dr Harris & Co

Books - Heroditus and Icelandic Sagas

Salty Liquoirice

Safari Linen Shirts from Budd

Coming Soon: The Brasserie Zédel Cookbook