Budd Shirtmakers began in Andover as Webster Brothers in 1966. We talk to Head Machinists Di Bainbridge and Gwen Witts, Di who has been at the workshop since she left school at 15 and Gwen who has been with us since the 70s, about the ins and out of shirt making at Budd.

How long does it take to train to make a shirt?

It takes six months to a year to train to make a shirt.


Who taught you to make shirts?

Di: Francis Moore, the forelady at the time as well as my sister, who also worked here at the time, helped me.


What makes a Budd shirt so special?

The bespoke work is all individual and they are made by professionals!


Who is the most famous person you have made a shirt for?

Ray Winstone


What is your favourite music to listen to at work?

The radio channel 'Under the breeze' and Olly Murs


Favourite snack?



How long has Tilly been here?

Since she was a puppy, she is now 13 (91 in dog years!). She used to be here with here with her mom Bonnie who was also here as well.