Last years Jermyn St St James's presentation in the Fountain Restaurant at Fortnum and Mason's was a huge success so we were extremely excited for what the second instalment had to offer. This season the presentation took place on the forth floor of Fortnum and Mason in the Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon. Those in the know had a inkling of some sort of film to be shown, but we had to wait until this morning for the 'Secrets of St James's' to be revealed.

Up to the forth floor and into the grand salon where people were mingling and chatting, as well as nibbling on pastries and canapés (including Fortnum's infamous Welsh Rarebit) as well as slurping on coffee and tea, but of course.

Walking through the salon and into the presentation we were greeted by a series of short films for the modern gent full of sartorial tips that every man needs to be the perfect gentleman.

From choosing the correct shirt collar, how to wear a hat, getting the perfect shine on your shoes, achieving the closest shave to choosing the best silk tie and four ways to fold your pocket square.

Here is where Mr Rowley and Mr Mundy made their starring role. Mr Rowley explained what to look for when purchasing the perfect silk tie and Mr Mundy showed us for ways of folding a pocket square to complete any outfit.

You can view all of the videos at