As well a an exclusive range of ties we also carry a range of braces featuring Simon Drew's most famous creations. The designs are woven into saxe blue silk webbing by the most famous maker of braces in the world – the English firm of Albert Thurston. They have a traditional button fitting with leather ends. They come with a set of six buttons which can be sewn into the trousers if needed. The length of each strap is altered by elegant, narrow brass adjusters.

Simon Drew Ele-Mental Braces

These braces depict an eccentric elephant based on one of illustrator Simon Drew’s best loved creations.

Simon Drew Ducktor Braces

These braces feature an eccentric duck with a stethoscope, one of illustrator Simon Drew’s most famous creations. They make a witty addition to this collection of braces featuring the cartoons of this celebrated English artist.

 Simon Drew Sitting Duck Braces

These braces, perfect for weekends, feature a sitting duck amongst the reeds. The design is based on a famous cartoon illustration by accomplished English artist Simon Drew.

Braces, like ties, allow you to make a more individual statement about the way you dress. We carry a more extensive range of Simon Drew braces as well as many other designs in our Piccadilly shop.