White tie has been relatively rare up until recently, but of late seems to be having something of a revival. Reserved for extremely formal occasions, it is the most elegant of all evening attire and you wouldn't want to be without a stunning pair of white leather dress gloves. Should an invitation to a white tie event come your way, Budd have everything you will need to achieve effortless, refined style.

White Leather Gloves

These elegant, white fitted dress gloves are perfect for formal occasions when a white tie is requested. They are made from capeskin which is from a breed of sheep that were originally found around the cape area of South Africa. It is soft and finely grained and has the look of the finest doe skin. The best skins are specially sourced for us and shipped to Dorset where they are turned into gloves by the last remaining original English glove maker. The in seam gives the fingers of the glove a slim, refined line, perfect for formal occasions at the Abbey or the Palace. The gloves are fastened at the wrist with a small mother of pearl button.