Our Hogskin gloves are made from the peccary hog, a native of South America, akin to the wild boar we have in Europe. The best skins are specially sourced for us and shipped to Dorset where they are turned into exquisite handmade gloves by the last remaining original English glove maker.

Tan Hogskin Unlined Gloves

These gloves are the ultimate in luxury and are the perfect day glove when you’re out and about at weekends. They are deliberately unlined so that your hands get the complete, sensuous experience of this finest grade skin. They are the perfect day time glove when you’re out and about at weekends or in the country. The colour was originally named “cork”; today we call it “tan”.

Black Buffed Hogskin Cashmere Lined Gloves

One of Budd's most comfortable and warm gloves. These soft buffed hogskin gloves have been lined with luxurious cashmere to give extra warmth in those colder months in the city.

Dark Brown Buffed Hogskin Cashmere Lined Gloves

The soft dark brown buffed hogskin and cashmere lining creates a luxuriously comfortable glove. It can be worn with an overcoat in the city or out and about at the weekend.