In recent years pink shirts have become hugely popular not just for their vibrancy and complementary palette, but for the very fact that they provide a fresh addition to the wardrobe. The fuchsia blush of a man’s shirt can complete an outfit and give him that stylish edge that makes a mark. Salmon gingham is one of our specialities and a tailor’s favourite as it provides a flamboyant boldness that is lacking in more traditional colours. Alternatively our famous 'coral ladder stripe' provides a more understated pink shirt which makes a very nice formal shirt for the office.

Not only do our pink shirts add a flash of colour to your day but they will last the tests of time as they are made from the highest quality end-on-end and poplin cotton. Additionally, with Budd Shirts you can replace the collars and cuffs to extend the life of the shirt and enjoy many more years of pinkness.

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