Simonnot Godard was founded in 1787 by Jacques Beaurain with stores in Paris located near the Palais Royal selling handkerchiefs, shirtings and linen. The company was bought by Auguste Godard in 1830 which he ran with his nephews. The company had three warehouses located in Cambrai, Valenciennes and Bapaume in the North of France, with Valenciennes being the main factory.

Auguste went on to have six children. His son Benjamin Godard went on to become a well known composer of light operas. His daughter, Marie, however went on to marry Victor Godard, a wealthy client of her father's. Victor Godard became a partner in the business, changing the name of the company to the present day Simonnot Godard.

The present day Simonnot Godard is the last French house to exclusively produce high end handkerchiefs the traditional way, using only weaving looms to produce it's goods, they do not use printing.  Along with handkerchiefs they also produce a range of pocket squares, evening scarves, ascot ties and neckerchiefs.

Simonnot Godard produce our beautiful Batiste cotton hanks, woven exclusively for us these simple and elegant handkerchiefs have hand rolled edges with a distinctive white border. The batiste cotton's softness and silk like lustre makes it a perfect "pochette" or pocket square to liven any outfit. They are practical too as they can be easily machine washed. Shop our Batiste cotton hanks here.


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