The original 1910 shop at 4 Piccadilly Arcade was structurally similar to the one today. It was set over three floors, each connected by a steep, narrow spiral stair.

As you entered the shop there would be a large brown table, a couple of huge gilt mirrors and a few pattern books and cloth samples. Hanging on the walls were miniature maquettes of shirts displayed in frames - you can still see  them today. The logic behind the maquettes was to prove the skills of the cutters and sewers who could produce a perfect miniature of any shirt. The customer could see at first hand in close up the quality of the work.  Impressed by the craftsmanship, the customer would sit down in one of the Chinese dragon arm chairs you see today and choose a style and the cloth. After being measured, a pattern would be cut and sent off to the workrooms in Peckham to be sewn.